EISA Section

Post-Critical IR? will be at the European International Studies Association (EISA) meeting in Prague, 2018! The following are the panels and roundtables scheduled:


What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Austin Jonathan What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Leander Anna What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Adler-Nissen Rebecca What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Aradau Claudia What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Neumann Iver What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Huysmans Jef What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Nogueira Joao What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Waever Ole What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?
Hopf Ted What’s (the future of) Post-Critical IR?


Post-Critical IR? Fractures of Post-Critique
Chair Jonathan Luke Austin
Discussant Jonathan Luke Austin
Austin Jonathan What is Post-Critical IR?
Nogueira Joao Fracturing Worlds: Towards a Post-Critical Criticality in International Political Sociology
Leander Anna IR for who/what? Rethinking Critical Strategies of Pragmatic Engagement in a Time of Fake News and Alternative Truths
Drolet Jean-Francois Critics and Conservatives: Critical Theory and the Ideological Mobilization of the New Right
Mitchell Audra Worlding against the end of ‘the’ world: Indigenous Survivance, Refusal and Resurgence


AradauClaudia(Un)Doing Critique

Post-Critical IR? Theories of Post-Critique
Chair Anna Leander
Discussant Anna Leander
Austin Jonathan What is Critique?
de Goede Marieke Critique without Judgement
Adler-Nissen Rebecca Can International Practice Theory be Critical Theory? The Ordering and Disordering Perspectives on the Everyday
Weber Cynthia From Critically Queer IR Theory to Critical Global SOGI Policy: The case of artificial intelligence for SOGI policy


Post-Critical IR? Practices of Post-Critique
Chair Ted Hopf
Discussant Ted Hopf
Wiener Antje An Agonistic Approach to the Practice-Normativity Nexus in IR Theory: Zooming in and Staging Contestations
Austin Jonathan Fabricating Post-Critique: The Research Programme of International Political Ergonomics
Bueger Christian Problematisation, reconstruction and the need for intelligible alternatives: An experiment in post-critical expertise
Lightfoot Sheryl The Indigenous Intervention in International Relations Theory
Tallis Benjamin Doppelmensch: Split-Subjectivity, Reflexivity and Creativity and in Post-Critical Security Research


Post-Critical IR? Frontiers for the Field
Chair Claudia Aradau
Discussant Claudia Aradau
Ringmar Erik International Relations in a Certain Mood?
Austin Jonathan Post-Cognitive IR?
Bramsen Isabel Two strategies of influencing the world through IR: The case of micro-sociology
de Siqueira Isabel Rocha An invitation to intervene: critique and practice theory
Saban Calis Feyerabend and Epistemological Anarchism: Deconstructing the Dichotomy of the Positivism-Postpositivism Debate


Doing and Mediating Critique
Chair Mark B. Salter
Discussant Mark B. Salter
Burgess Peter The insecurity of Critical Security Studies and the phenomenology of security
Lisle Debbie Lost in the Aftermath
Sjoberg Laura Failure and Critique in CSS
Nikolova Blagovesta Ilieva Putting critique to work: Ethics in EU Security Research
Austin Jonathan Doing and Mediating Critique



Post-Critical IR? Challenges for the field
Chair Emma McCluskey
Discussant Emma McCluskey
Conway Philip Critique as colonialism; or, towards an ecology of critical practices
Kurowska Xymena The Post-criticality of ‘not Knowing the Other’: a Psychosocial Approach to Knowledge Production
Eyrice Tepeciklioğlu Elem Constructing a New IR Terminology: Critiques from Below
Bukovansky Mlada Virtues and Agency in World Politics
Tatum Dillon Towards a Radical IR


Post-Critical IR? Philosophies of Post-Critique
Chair Joao Nogueira
Discussant Joao Nogueira
Du Plessis Gitte New Realism as Post-Critical Security Method
Stengel Frank A. Discourse, Relativism and the Common Good: Rethinking Poststructuralism’s Normative Deficit with Derrida, Levinas and Laclau
Schindler Sebastian The Constructive Potentials of Critical Theory
Nabers Dirk Accelerationism and emancipation in global politics


Post-Critical IR? Applying Post-Critique
Chair Rocco Bellanova
Discussant Rocco Bellanova
Markowitz Shane The New Materialist Turn as Post-Critical IR: Towards a Pragmatic Framework for Constructive Intervention in the World
Perazzone Stephanie Critical IR: (Blind-)Spotting International Policy And ‘Real-World’ Ambiguities. Insights from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Philipsen Lise The political potential of un-civil society
Beerli Monique J. Getting past the (Un)Critical-(Non)Actionable Impasse: Retroactive Reflexivity on Academic-Practitioner Collaboration with Humanitarian Policymakers and Decisionmakers
Rentea Simona Anti-Austerity Struggles in Europe and the Search for Critical Imagination



‘Schengen Paradoxes’: Freedom, Surveillance, Technology
Chair Emma McCluskey
Discussant Emma McCluskey
Bigo Didier Interoperability at the EU Level: A Transdisciplinary Approach
Oelgemoller Christina Defining the Undesirable
Mc Cluskey Emma The Human ‘Schengen Paradox’: An Ethnography of Sub-Saharans Stranded in Morocco
Ben Jaffel Hager The Sentinels of Schengen: Liaison Officers and Everyday Bureaucratic Practices of Proactive Intelligence.
Oelgemoller Christina The Swedish Arms-Security-Surveillance Industry in Europe and Beyond: Emerging Technologies, Legal Loopholes, National Branding